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5 Great Reasons to Move to Dubai.
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Dubai has successfully positioned itself as a prominent global real estate hotspot in recent years. The city’s status as a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis and its position as a crossroads between East and West make it an attractive place for both business and leisure travelers. Investment in Dubai’s real estate market remains an attractive option with the potential for sizable returns and a high standard of living as the city grows and develops.


The United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) has maintained a fixed exchange rate with the United States Dollar (USD) since 1973. This exchange rate has remained steady since 1997, positioning the UAE Dirham as one of the most resilient and stable currencies globally.


Personal income, capital gains, and wealth are not subject to any taxation, whereas a Value Added Tax (VAT) of only 5% is imposed. Commencing in January 2023, the formerly imposed 30 percent tax on alcohol acquisitions in Dubai has been eliminated. From an investor’s perspective, the absence of taxes would undeniably have a significant impact on one’s revenue.


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Investment in Dubai’s real estate market remains an attractive option with the potential for sizable returns and a high standard of living as the city grows and develop
Using the Legatum Prosperity Index, the World Population Review said that the UAE was the best GCC country for health care. The UAE Government has made access to high-quality healthcare a key part of its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as it is an identified critical sector. Private and public hospitals and clinics in the UAE offer state-of-the-art technology, buildings, and specialized treatment centers that offer services like fertility treatment and orthopaedics. This not only meets the UAE’s strong local demand, but also makes it a very attractive place to go for medical tourism.


There are direct flights to 97 countries from Dubai’s airports, which are served by the world’s leading airlines. Dubai is a cosmopolitan haven that represents inclusion, diversity and safety, as it is home to more than 200 distinct nationalities.


Dubai is home to a thriving community environment with outstanding infrastructure, public transportation, parks and entertainment. Meanwhile, Dubai’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is facilitated by open economic policies, low government control, and private sector regulation, providing a competitive advantage globally.


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Established in 1982, beginnings in catering and logistics, DAMAC Properties has been at the forefront of the Middle East’s luxury real estate market since 2002. including Luxury Brand such as Cavalli and de GRISOGONO Property Development & Real Estate, Data Centres, Retail & Fashion, Hospitality, Capital Markets and Logistics.
The organisation has grown exponentially to an impressive and diverse portfolio in various industries that includes capital markets, luxury fashion such as Cavalli and de GRISOGONO, real estate, luxury hotels, logistics and data centers across the Middle East, North America and Asia. Europe, Asia, Africa.
Today, DAMAC Group’s global footprint extends across Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and North Africa and is continuously seeking expansion opportunities into new markets. 
In 2023, DAMAC resonates with global investors with DAMAC Bay by Cavalli, DAMAC Bay 2 by Cavalli, Canal Heights de GRISOGONO and Camelia villa division at DAMAC Hills 2.