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SC Asset has cooperated with CHANINTR, Thailand’s leading luxury furniture importer to create exclusive residential areas in the projects “28 CHIDLOM” and “The Crest Park Residences”.
Good rest is the foundation for a smooth start to each day of your life. This also means that accommodation will be an important factor in creating a good quality of life. Therefore, SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited or SC ASSET cooperated with Chanin (CHANNTR), Thailand’s leading luxury furniture importer to participate in the design and decoration of luxury rooms in the high-rise apartment project. level “28 CHIDLOM” and “The Crest Park Residences”, in order to bring a trendy and quality living standard to residents here. Prominent in the design is the space allocation element that meets the lifestyle of modern city people with luxurious furniture perfect for residents of SC Asset (SC Asset).
SC Asset has cooperated with CHANINTR, Thailand's leading luxury furniture importer to create exclusive residential areas in the projects "28 CHIDLOM" and "The Crest Park Residences"
SC Asset has cooperated with CHANINTR, Thailand’s leading luxury furniture importer to create exclusive residential areas in the projects “28 CHIDLOM” and “The Crest Park Residences”
Kanokon Limkamnerd, Chief Operating Officer Property Development – ​​High Rise said: “This partnership is rooted in the idea that we will deliver a complete living experience. perfect for residents with a high level of interior finishing. We are committed to working closely together to bring the best to our residents.”
Inspired by “Timeless Elegant”, the chosen interior style will be contemporary, bringing a sense of luxury and privacy. The room types are arranged from 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms, the largest area is 136m2, at The Crest Park Residences. With the concept of nature as the main theme, most of the interior materials used are wood, in order to bring a more comfortable and modern feeling.
Chanin Sirisan – CEO of Chanin Living Company Limited (CHANNTR) shared: “The interior decoration and decoration is based on the concept of Living well. Therefore, the furniture used will be high quality products with good applicability and aesthetic criteria.”
For the interior decoration of the project “28 CHIDLOM”, the design team selected furniture in soft colors, with simple shapes. In it, fabric is chosen as the main material to create a feeling of warmth and relaxation. In addition, there are also natural materials such as wood and stone interspersed with each other to create a feeling of closeness to nature. A special feature of this project is that each piece of furniture is selected to be linked together by materials or tones. This is a technique that can make the overall picture of the room harmonious and very luxurious.
Particularly for the project “The Crest Park Residences”, the choice of materials is even more diverse. Furniture style will bring a more cheerful feeling. With a modern shape, breaking the way with simple curves but no less fresh colors from luxury brands. For example, Menu (MENU) – a Danish brand, to add color to the room.
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In addition, Chanin Sirisan also introduces tips on choosing luxury furniture to decorate the place. Furniture is like the face of the house and reflects the personality of the owner. It is important in choosing home furniture that the size should be appropriate for the area – not too small or too large For example, if the room has limited space to put a large sofa in it, it will makes the room look cramped and less luxurious. Another equally important technique is coordination. We do not have to use furniture of the same brand to create harmony in the house. In general, the skillful combination will help the home decoration style become more unique. Just finding the connection point of the furniture is enough. It can be the same color scheme or material. For an overview of the color scheme in choosing the interior so that it looks elegant. Choose cool or light colors like cream, beige, gray or light brown. because it will make the house look brighter.
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Experience the best aesthetic life in the city center with special promotion from both projects “28 CHIDLOM” with special fully furnished apartments from Chanin brand (CHANINTR) with 5 years general fee, starting price 11.9 million*. Get more information at https://m.scasset.com/DvZZ or Line: @28chidlom and “The Crest Park Residences” with special prices for fully furnished apartments from Chanin brand (CHANNTR) ) and discount up to 1.5 million 1 bedroom, starting price 6.69 million* For more information at https://m.scasset.com/DvZX Line: @thecrestpark or call 1749 only on 30/06 2023… Can continue to follow at: https://www.dailynews.co.th/news/2388665/