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LUMIÈRE riverside completed its outstanding and sophisticated appearance in the heart of Thao Dien.

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The construction of the “speedy” amenities, the meticulous maintenance of the landscaping, and the final touches to the upper-level interiors are all ongoing tasks of the project, which began in early March 2023. All are carefully inspected to ensure perfection with international quality standards for the exclusive neighborhood. Along with the process of completing the exterior, every detail will also be completed and top interior equipment from high-end brands such as BOSCH, HAFELE, KOHLER, GESSI… to guarantee a sophisticated lifestyle.

Residents can enjoy an exceptional residence thanks to the apartment’s hallway and doors, which have garnered a lot of praise for their high-class finishing quality. The apartment door is completed with an outer frame, measuring up to 2.37m wide – 2.6m high, creating a feeling of openness, meeting the criteria of “tall house, wide door”. Elevated safety features include three levels of fire resistance and a floor coated with 100% imported European marble in the hallways, accented with tasteful and complementary color schemes.

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With close monitoring by Masterise Homes and our main contractors, LUMIÈRE riverside completion progress is on schedule, ensuring that the handover to customers with the highest quality. Inspired by “leafscape” architecture, LUMIÈRE riverside is an aesthetic masterpiece within the idea of nature, mastering elements of light, space, greenery and luxury.
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In addition, LUMIÈRE Shops which is located right at the base of the project, is one of the last scarce commercial premises in Thao Dien land fund. Resonating with the frontage location of Song Hanh and Hanoi Highway – the most vibrant neighborhood in Thao Dien with many bustling businesses, LUMIÈRE Shops has an abundant customer base and good income.
There are nearly 4,000 residents came to live right after LUMIÈRE Riverside handover. The project’s base is also home to 3,900 office workers, 20,000 current residents, and an anticipated 200,000 daily visitors from the nearby metro line, all of which contribute to the highest possible shopping density and exceptional commercial potential.
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Currently, LUMIÈRE riverside has a selling price of about US$4,500/m2 and an average rental price of 20 million VND for a 1-bedroom apartment. For further details of property sales, leasing brokerage and asset management services from Arcadia Consulting Vietnam, please contact 075 142 286 or send a request to [email protected]