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Mang Inasal Founder and DoubleDragon Corporation Chairman Edgar Injap Sia II and Jollibee Founder and DoubleDragon Corporation Co-Chairman Tony Tan Caktiong with Niseko Mayor Kenya Katayama and Kutchan Hokkaido Mayor Kazushi Monji breaks ground of the 1.17-hectare property of Hotel101 and start construction of the 482-room Hotel101-Niseko project in Hokkaido Japan.
Arcadia - Hotel101 makes history as the first Filipino homegrown hotel chain to expand outside PH
Hotel101 makes history as the first Filipino homegrown hotel chain to expand outside PH
Hotel101 is the first ever Filipino homegrown hotel chain to expand in other countries outside the Philippines.
The contractor of Hotel101-Niseko is Iwata Chizaki Inc, one of the largest contractors in Japan, and the same contractor who built the Chitose International Airport in Saporro, Hokkaido Japan.
Niseko Hokkaido Japan– A world-class premier ski destination which remains popular year-round from its picturesque landscapes to its natural hot springs. Hotel101–Niseko will be one of the largest value hotels in Niseko encompassing 482 signature HappyRooms offering comfort, convenience, and accessibility to all types of travellers. The upcoming Hotel101-Niseko sits on a sprawling 1.17-hectare property in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan and is expected to be patronized by local domestic travellers in Japan, and foreign tourists from other countries. The extension of the Shinkansen bullet train to Niseko and Sapporo will further improve access to the region which is also reported to be in the running to host the 2030 Winter Olympics.
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Niseko is famous worldwide for its powder snow and Kutchan Town where the property is located is one of the foremost areas of heavy snowfall reaching 13 meters on average with some of the best quality snow in the world.
Because of its northern location, Niseko is internationally renowned for consistently delivering good falls of light powder snow and a long ski season that stretches from November until May. Hokkaido is the northmost island of Japan. During the summer Hokkaido stays cool with average temperatures of about 20 degrees Celsius and is also famous for its stunning nature scenes, hot springs, and panoramic flower fields during summer.