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For our upcoming St Kilda residential development, Fareham, we are committed to finding ways to minimise our environmental impact and carbon footprint in line with our Gamuda Green Plan

Making Conscious Green Choices Informed by History
Recently, we sat down with Dominic Zheng, Development Manager at Gamuda Land Australia, who is leading Fareham, to discuss the environmental considerations being made and how these will underpin the overall design of the project.
“From the outset of the St Kilda project, we identified ways to incorporate our unique sustainability innovations that made sense to the site, the local area and the residents,” said Dominic.
We have once again partnered with the team at HIP V. HYPE, who are playing an integral role in our South Melbourne project, The Canopy on Normanby, to assist us in bringing the best sustainable practices to life.
“Working together with HIP V. HYPE, we have introduced certain elements of the Passive House Principle and implemented them into the project’s design” Dominic explained.
Founded in Germany and commonly used throughout areas of Europe, the Passive House Principle or ‘Passive Haus’ as it is known internationally, involves the adoption of several key design principles to mitigate the need for extensive heating/cooling options.
Using methodologies such as insulation, Energy Recovery Ventilator and high-performance windows, this principle enables the creation of healthy, dry indoor spaces that maintain a consistent temperature.
The implementation of these elements on a building of this size in Melbourne is a first. Passive housing principles will afford Fareham residents the opportunity to live at the forefront of comfort and sustainability.
On top of these uniquely Fareham innovations, the project will also be underpinned by Gamuda Land’s overarching sustainability and biophilic design principles.

Making Conscious Green Choices Informed by History

Creating strong connections between residents and nature will be at the heart of our landscaping approach at Fareham. Indigenous flora will be predominantly used throughout Fareham’s numerous gardens and green areas to further our commitment to honouring the natural environments surrounding our developments and preserving the existing natural history of the site.
In complement to the indigenous flora, bamboo will be used for effective urban greening on the building’s shadier eastern façade, while shared green spaces located every two levels, will provide a lush environment, improve overall air quality, and reduce noise pollution throughout the building.
A communal rooftop garden will also be in place, absorbing and reflecting heat in the summer months, creating a cooler environment for residents and contributing to the overall sustainability of the project.
We are extremely excited to take this next step in expanding our local presence and helping to shape the future of some of Melbourne’s most iconic suburbs.