ABOVE Kuala Lumpur skyline with Four Seasons Residences next to Petronas Twin Towers (Photo: iStock)



The Malaysian capital’s most desirable and expensive branded residences.

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Banded Residences are typically luxury residential development collaborating with an internationally renowned brand-name resort or luxury hotel operator. This synergy often makes the already highly in-demand luxury residences even more desirable to the followers of the brand that it carries. 

Wan Choy Heng, Executive Director of Knight Frank Property Hub, explains that each development has unique characteristics and offerings, depending on the collaboration between the property developer and the brand or hotel operator.

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“Each brand carries its unique style and the perceived value that it has meticulously cultivated over the years, and the unique, cohesive exclusive living experience has successfully created its pool of faithful followers,” he states.  

“The target audiences of these branded residences, however, are usually not blind followers but refined high-net-worth individuals who get accustomed to a specific type of luxury from a particular brand that has won their trust over time. Depending on the area of their speciality, these luxury brands would satisfy their respective clients’ needs in terms of exclusivity, privacy, and personal touch in the comfort of the client’s residences.
”Typically designed and built either as an integral part or adjacent to a resort or a hotel complex, these residences offer a full range of modern lifestyle services and facilities to the residents.
ABOVE Kuala Lumpur skyline with Four Seasons Residences next to Petronas Twin Towers (Photo: iStock)
ABOVE Kuala Lumpur skyline with Four Seasons Residences next to Petronas Twin Towers (Photo: iStock)
The real estate landscape in Kuala Lumpur, especially in the luxury real estate market segment, has seen significant growth over the last two decades, continues Wan.
“This period of steady economic growth has led to a growing number of high-net-worth individuals looking for more sophisticated residential options, not only to satisfy their upscale residential needs but also to look for potential property investment in prime locations. A branded residence that associates with luxury and prestige will offer a higher level of quality living and a better chance of investment return in terms of rental income.”
Besides, the city has become more cosmopolitan in the last two decades, which has attracted many expatriates to work here, and its population has become more affluent. This has also contributed to the ongoing trend of branded residences gaining popularity in Kuala Lumpur recently. 
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The most popular branded residences in Kuala Lumpur among the social elites and high-net-worth individuals are St Regis The Residences, Four Seasons Place, Ritz-Carlton Residences and Banyan Tree Signatures. 
“All the above four brands belong to renowned luxury hospitality brands with an impeccable reputation for providing exceptional service and high-quality experiences,” opines Wan.
“All of them are strategically located in a prime area of Kuala Lumpur, offering easy access to major commercial and financial centres, upmarket shopping complexes, F&B, and entertainment outlets.” 
As luxury and prestige always come with a price, Wan breaks down the transacted units and rental yield for these four branded residences below.

St Regis Residences Kuala Lumpur

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ABOVE St Regis Residences Kuala Lumpur (Photo: Instagram/@greaterkualalumpur)

The Residences at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur is located on the upper floors of the 48-storey building and shares its address with the hotel. This location facilitates the efficient delivery of the brand’s unsurpassed bespoke service to its discerning residents.

According to DataSense by PropertyGuru, a 2-bedroom unit in St Regis The Residences of 1,539 sq ft transacted for RM4.3 mil on October 2022. The rental yield for a 1,738 sq ft 2 bedroom unit stands at RM12,800 a month, according to iProperty.

Four Seasons Place

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ABOVE Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur (Photo: Instagram/@fskualalumpur)
Perched 65 stories above Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, Four Seasons private residences offer legendary Four Seasons service, world-class amenities and a seamless ownership experience. 
In June 2022, a 2+1 unit sized at 1,485 sq ft was transacted for RM4.9 million, according to DataSense by PropertyGuru, while the rental yield for a 1,399 sq ft 2+1 unit clocks in at RM16,000 a month, according to iProperty.

Ritz-Carlton Residences Kuala Lumpur

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ABOVE Ritz Carlton Residences Kuala Lumpur (Photo: Instagram/@greaterkualalumpur)
Located along Jalan Sultan Ismail in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Ritz-Carlton Residences was designed to be the hallmark of luxury living. Attended with impeccable attention to detail in every aspect, The Residences comprise one of the two towers at the prestigious Berjaya Central Park development.
According to DataSense by PropertyGuru, a 2+1 bedroom unit in Ritz-Carlton Residences of 1,937 sq ft transacted for RM4.9 million on November 2022. The rental yield for a 1,938 sq ft 2+1 bedroom unit stands at RM16,000 a month, according to iProperty.

Banyan Tree Signatures Kuala Lumpur

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ABOVE Banyan Tree Signatures Kuala Lumpur (Photo: Instagram/@banyantreekualalumpur)
A luxury serviced residence project collaboration between Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Banyan Tree, Banyan Tree Residences offers spacious designer-crafted units. Located in the city’s Golden Triangle, residences will also have the iconic Pavilion Mall within easy reach.
In September 2022, a 2-bedroom unit sized 1,173 sq ft was transacted for RM2.3 million according to DataSense by PropertyGuru while the rental yield for a 1,190 sq ft 2-bedroom unit clocks in at RM8,500 a month according to iProperty.